Valentine Astrology: Why you should never get married on Valentine's Day!

Valentine Astrology: Why you should never get married on Valentine's Day!

There's a reason September and October are coveted times for marrying. These months contain dates in the Libra season. In astrology, Libra is the sun sign of love and partnership.

When is Valentine's Day? It falls during the time of Aquarius. Just so you know, the sun sign of Aquarius is the MOST emotionally detached sun energy in the entire Zodiac. If you marry during this time, be prepared for your marriage to become rather cold and devoid of lovey-dovey closeness. When an event is laden with Aquarius energy, there might arise confusion over how to express or even acknowledge emotion.

Furthermore, since Aquarius energy is known in astrology to be more focused on platonic bonding, the romance could eventually shift to a glorified friendship.  Needless to say, cursing an matrimonial event with an Aquarius date can totally ruin the chance for hot and steamy sex.

The great thing about this February is that the moon will be in Scorpio, reducing the Aquarius need for detachment. In astrology, Scorpio is the sign of sex and emotional closeness. That means this Valentine's Day will be the perfect time to cuddle and express intense passion.

Feel free to discuss marriage and even go shopping for rings. If asked to marry, feel free to offer an ecstatic  "yes."

However, I, as a five-year student of astrology, beg of you to plan the actual date of marriage for maybe June or July, when the sun is in Cancer or Leo, which are committed, familial and romantic signs. Also, consider everyone's favorite days: the Venus-ruled late days of September or first three weeks of October.