Married Couples: Hide out at a hotel for Valentine's Day

Married Couples: Hide out at a hotel for Valentine's Day

Aww. The newlywed years. Those are the days when Feb. 14 means drunken kissing, giddiness, googly eyes and hiding out in the boudoir satisfying each other for hours.  Fast forward 10 years later and the weight of marriage, the whining of children and the burden of bills reduce Valentine's Day festivities to a quick peck on the cheek --  and maybe a small box of stale candy picked up at the Gas Mart during a fill-up of Unleaded #87.

It doesn't have to be that way, though.

Even in the recession, it's possible for couples to have a romantic Valentine's celebration at deeply discounted rates.  Since travel and reservations have been down at some hotels, many are offering special deals to entice couples to rent a room, even if they live just a few miles away.

Don't worry about spending your utility bill money trying to live it up at the Trump Hotel, though. Maybe, consider three-star hotels such as the Holiday Inn, Residence Inn, or Comfort Inn. These places aren't grand, but I've found you can get a lot of freebies and amenities when you stay overnight on Valentine's Day.

For example, the Residence Inn is offering couples a free bottle of sparkling cider, chocolates and a buffet dinner with a suite reservation. No, it's not wine nor a box of Godiva, but, excuse me, it's free!

Many hotels also offer free massages.

Regardless of what bonuses you get for camping out with your spouse all day at a hotel. The main focus is alone time and restoring the intimacy in your relationship.

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh setting and a little pampering to revive the love.