Make Valentine's Day Romantic Movie Night!

Make Valentine's Day Romantic Movie Night!

If you’re in the mood to save money, Valentine’s Day does not have to bankrupt your meager cash stash. Opt for an evening in, watching classic love stories on DVD, Blu-Ray or via Netflix streaming while cuddling up to your one-and-only.

Here are some classic romantic films that will make you and your Valentine gush over one another.  (No, I’m not recommending the wretched movie actually named “Valentine’s Day”)

Five Great Movie Options for Valentine’s Day

  1. When Harry Met Sally.  Despite the out-of-fashion clothing and the fact that Billy Crystal is like 120 years old now, this movie never loses its charm.  It strips away the notion of what a perfect romance should be and looks at what happens when two flawed people fall helplessly into a friendship that is so precious it can’t help but shift to love. Aww.
  2. Ghost.  How did a movie plot so implausible turn out to be so sexy and touching? Demi Moore's and Patrick Swayze’s efforts to reach beyond death and the afterlife to love and protect each other are still cry-worthy.
  3. Romeo & Juliet. Shakespeare might be dead, but the relationships he conjured are still compelling. This story of young, obsessed lovers on a collision course with family grudges never goes out of style. I prefer Director Zeffirelli’s version; however, some like the more modern film starring Leo DiCaprio.
  4. Something’s Gotta Give. For the older couples out there, this romance starring Jack Nicholson as a fading playboy alongside Diane Keaton affirms that love can blossom at any age.
  5. Titanic.  If love can survive death and drowning, it goes on forever as this brilliant piece by James Cameron attests.

While some people like the sappy movie “The Notebook,” I find it hard for more recent films like that to compare to the more creative output from prior decades.